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  • The New York Times

    « Sophie Mizrahi-Rubel has reimagined designs from the famous Rubel Frères ».

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  • L'Officiel de la Mode

    John Rubel is appearing in the last issue of L'Officiel de la Mode (N°1002 - Février 2016).
    « Une collection de haute joaillerie, pétillante et légère (…) aux créations impertinentes et voluptueuses. »

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  • Financial Times

    Discover the relaunch of John Rubel in the Financial Times.

  • The Eye of Jewelry

    "John Rubel is the modern transformation of jewelry and a jewelry that has to be worn !"

  • The Jewellery Editor

    « Rachael Taylor meets the great-great niece of the Rubel brothers, who, after 60 years, is reviving her family's jewellery legacy. »

  • Tendance XXI - Video TV5 Monde


    The family story of John Rubel. A great coverage from TV5 Monde channel and fashion/trends/luxury TV show "TendanceXXI", led by Viviane Blassel - for french speakers.

  • Monsieur Marceau

    « John Rubel, this winter's firm favorite that pays tribute to the iconic 20th century women ».

  • John Taylor


    « To wear John Rubel jewellery is to make yours a talisman, to delve into one’s memories and to dream of an ideal that embodies not only emotions but love and passion ».

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  • Jewellery Historian


    John Rubel, « a confidential joaillier for connoisseurs keen to the true sense of luxury ».

  • Blouin Lifestyle & Fashion


    « John Rubel, a sleeping beauty reawakened »

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  • Le Gemmologue


    « The high jewelry house John Rubel is revived with a first colorful and joyful Art deco-inspired collection Vie de Bohème ».

  • Doux Joailler


    « Voluptuous shapes and sharp lines (…) a moving collection high in colour. »

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