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      « To wear John Rubel jewelry is to make yours a talisman, to delve into one’s memories and to dream of an ideal that embodies not only emotions but love and passion. John Rubel has envisioned ballets of shapes and colors, creations that leave room for sensitivity to each wearer’s soul as it only belong to them ».


      Sophie Mizrahi-Rubel


    • LEGACY

      John and Robert Rubel's first workshop opened in 1915, a few steps away from the legendary Place Vendôme. Humble jewellers, their minitious work caught the attention of the most prestigious Maisons and they quickly became Van Cleef and Arpels' sole workshop. John Rubel was in fact the one who signed the first Ballerina brooch which became an iconic piece of the Art Deco period.



      Sophie Mizrahi-Rubel launched John Rubel's new collection in Paris, in September 2015. She decided to celebrate the centennial of the brand by presenting her first Fine Jewelry collection « Vies de Bohèmes ».


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