• There are stories in which Family destinies become entwined and carry on.
    The extraordinary journey of the Rubel family is one of them.


    It is hard to situate in time at which moment a family history starts, there is always a before and after.

    Throughout my career, I have been in the service of the big names of international jewelry. I am now entering a period of my life where I want to dedicate myself to carrying on my family’s heritage.

    Due to a combination of circumstances, and after finding archives in our family house, hidden away in a trunk, I dived back into the family history and into the brand’s memory, to discover its true strength. I have decided to wake up this sleeping beauty. John Rubel is one of the few jewelry brands that is independent. In an increasingly globalized world, freedom is a precious asset.

    I want to put the artists at the center of the John Rubel project; show the enormous value of craftsmanship without which luxury could not exist. For this ambitious project, I’m betting on the human side. This approach is certainly inspired and guided by my ancestors.

    John Rubel is the hallmark of the melting pot, of boldness, of color. It has a festive spirit like Jean, one of its founders.
    John Rubel speaks with grace, lightness and depth. I like to imagine that it shares features with Bizet’s Carmen, whom one could imagine wearing red, gold and turquoise. Like her, John’s jewels have always danced. My wish today is that they resume their ballet of shapes and colors.




    Sophie Mizrahi-Rubel

  • Budapest, early 1900s. Rubel Aba jewelry shop.

    Didier, John, Marcel, Claude, Robert, and Michel Rubel.

    Didier, John, Marcel, Claude, Robert, and Michel Rubel.

    Paris, 1965. John, Robert, Marcel, Jacqueline Rubel and friends.